Thursday, September 18, 2014


                    Fall into a Good Book...

Autumn in New England is hard to beat. The air is crisp, the sky is blue, leaves are falling all around. Time to don a sweatshirt and watch a football game or cozy up with a good book. Do you sometimes wish that the perfect book would just appear before your eyes? Well, wish no more! There is no shortage of great reading suggestions here in our library. We have quite a few fall displays to help you get "under the spell" of a good read.

This month  you can see the return of some classic "Pesky Stall Street Journal" entries which are  monthly bathroom newsletters (hey, why not? It's a captive audience!) that highlight some fun fiction for young adults.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Butter by Erin Jade Lang

Lastly, our end caps display will captivate you with sleuths, espionage and conspiracy!
We call it :

                                                          Here are a few snapshots :


If none of these titles speak to you personally, just ask us for advice on another topic!

In closing, we leave you with a great inspiration that someone posted on one of our new idea walls.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Twitter and Help

Good evening Pesky Library students!

We have a couple of cool things to blog and brag about today.

First we brag...we are now on twitter!

We - your super cool, hipster, always helpful librarian friends, are moving into the 21st century social media age. Why is this important to you? Well, first off, there is candy involved. Second, you will have the most up to date access of what is happening in the library and did we mention CANDY!?

Hashtag Chocolate!







Every Monday and Friday we will post a trivia question and if you come into the library with the right answer and the right attitude, you will receive a piece of candy!

Start following the library on twitter!

I also wanted to repost a partial blog that I lost to the ether last week. It was inspired by Dr. Quimby's chapel talk that challenged us to ask, "How can I help?"
The blog was also in remembrance of 9/11 and it seemed apropos for us to ask how we can help each other out. Here in the library, we are always willing to help you out in any manner we can. Just ask! We are a friendly bunch and now you know we have candy...