Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Headmaster Display

Ted Eames Archival Display
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Welcome back from spring break! We hope everyone is re-energized and ready to tackle the rest of the spring semester.

During the break, library staff has not been idle. Ms. Slater, our archivist, put together this intriguing display on headmaster Ted Eames and the Cold War era at Governor's Academy.

It includes the dedication speech for the Alumni Gymnasium made by Admiral Halsey, Commander of Naval Forces in the South Pacific during WWII. Other interesting reproductions include a follow-up sheet for study hall behavior. Did you know that grinning or dropping his pencil were things a student was held accountable for during study hall?

Please also read Ms. Slater's fascinating blog post on loyalty oaths faculty members were required to make!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Author Blog: Neil Gaiman

Do you read any blogs? How about any author blogs?

Blogs are a nifty, informal way for anyone to get their thoughts out and create conversation with people from all over the world. Writers have, naturally enough, also taken to this new medium. They share not only their thoughts on writing and their works, they also highlight the creative process. That can be a really fun way for non-writers or aspiring writers to experience the joys and challenges of writing.

One of the truly prolific author bloggers is Neil Gaiman. He started blogging well over 10 years ago - just click on the Archives link to access this wealth of thought. Blogs are also increasingly a serious avenue of publication. In a recent blog post, Neil Gaiman provides a link to a free .pdf file with 12 brand new stories by him. Also links and FAQs of Gaiman's work are just a click away. Happy reading!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Latest Reviews: March 2013

Mod Podge
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Just in time for the Read Across America Day - or the spring break - here is a batch of newly reviewed books from our LibraryThing collection. Whether you are looking for a daily treat or vacation entertainment, look no further.

The latest reviews in our "virtual collection" include The Element by Ken Robinson & Lou Aronica, and Mod Podge Rocks by Amy Anderson.

You can always find even more reviews through our LibraryThing profile.