Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From Book to Buffet

Over the holidays, the book Hello, Cupcake!: Irresistibly Playful Creations Anyone Can Make was an inspiration for making holiday treats. Although Tom Turkey was in keeping with the Thanksgiving tradition, we decided to make a new tradition of our own by including Swampy as another holiday dessert. This book is available on our shelves: check it out, have fun, and feed your friends! After all, who doesn't like cupcakes?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful Tree

Thankful Tree
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As everyone is packing up for Thanksgiving break, we can feel a collective sigh of relief as everyone passes in their last assignments and begins thinking of the family and food to come. So as you are feeling this relief, it is the perfect time to think of what you are thankful for.
Here in the library we have a Thankful Tree filled with the thanks of the students here at Govs. People are thankful for everything ranging from ‘coffee’ and ‘guys who make them smile’ to ‘friends’, ‘family’ and ‘heat and electricity.’ A few students were even thankful for Governors Academy! So as everyone thinks how thankful they are for this break and passing in their assignments on time, we hope you take a moment to think of all the amazing people and things in your life that you are thankful for!
The staff of the library is very thankful for all of the wonderful students who visit us. 
The library closes today (November 18, 2011) at 3:45 and will reopen after break on November 29th with normal business hours.
Happy Thanksgiving! See you all soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

JSTOR Early Journal Content

JSTOR announced recently that they are now providing free access to early journal articles. By this they mean journal content published prior to 1923 in the United States and prior to 1870 elsewhere. Anyone, anywhere in the world can search and read these articles. This “Early Journal Content” includes discourse and scholarship in the arts and humanities, economics and politics, and in mathematics and other sciences.  Although only 6% of the content on JSTOR, it includes nearly 500,000 articles from more than 200 journals.

We have added a link and short instructions on how to get to this content on our Catalogs and Databases page. For more information, check out the JSTOR video above, or read their Frequently Asked Questions.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Object of the Week 7

Object of the Week 7b
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Each student in Ms. Struck's art class will be transforming one object a week. Each week, the objects will be displayed somewhere in the library for that week, until the next objects arrive.

This week's item is a rubber chicken, and you can tell that students had fun with it! There are so many clever ideas here. We're looking forward to even more student artwork in the library!

Friday, November 11, 2011

“Why join the Navy if you can be a pirate?”

Steve Jobs Display2
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Steve Jobs died last month, and we thought it only fitting to construct a display highlighting the innovation that influenced, and continues to influence, the iGeneration. His vision helped to revolutionize the use of personal computers, the way we listen to music, and how we stay connected to friends and family. What did we do before iPhones and status updates? We have many resources in the library related to internet technology. Students may be interested in watching a Pixar movie, reading Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography, Steve Jobs, or reading iBoy, a book about a boy turned App after an accident embeds a shattered iPhone in his head. The students at Governor’s Academy are creative, independent thinkers. If Steve Jobs can keep on plugging, even after losing a quarter of a billion dollars, he might inspire future entrepreneurs to “put a ding in the universe.” The legacy of Steve Jobs is more about believing in yourself and pursuing your passion than it is about the products he created.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Diversity Display

Diversity Display1
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At the end of September, our headmaster Dr. Quimby announced the formation of a focus group to consider how to address diversity in all its facets in our community. The committee is jointly chaired by a faculty member and a student from the junior class.

The first meetings were a success, with over 30 members of our school community, both adults and students, volunteering their time and energy. The conversations were thoughtful and productive.

To support the work of the focus group, we in the library put together a display. It highlights as many kinds of variety as we could think of. Included are both non-fiction works and novels. Please come by to have a look!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Object of the Week 6

Each student in Ms. Struck's art class will be transforming one object a week. Each week the objects will be displayed somewhere in the library until the next objects arrive.

This week's item is a small, humble roll of duct tape. The transformed objects are a far cry from humble, though, as you can see in this photo!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Primary Research for AP US History

Students in Mr. Quigley's AP US History class are writing their thesis papers on topics drawn from the academy's history. They have been meeting with our archivist, Mrs. Dimodica, and using Archons, school catalogs (for curriculum offerings,) and headmaster correspondence as well as many other primary source documents. They have also meet with a librarian on finding secondary sources to support their research. We are all learning (quite serendipitously!) wonderful nuggets of our school's past and are looking forward to reading the completed papers.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Latest Reviews: November 2011

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Thanksgiving break is almost here! If you need a breather in the middle of the pre-break push, consider borrowing a book reviewed by our staff.

The latest reviews linked to our "virtual collection" include Dogtown: Death and Enchantment in a New England Ghost Town by Elyssa East, and Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan.

You can always find even more reviews through our LibraryThing profile.