Monday, March 31, 2008

A Little Bit of Artistic Inspiration at the Library

A class of senior spanish language students recently visited the library to research an artist of their choosing. The library pulled aside a number of art books for the students and they browsed them looking for some inspiration. Over the weekend there was a student who left behind their artistic tools, the pack of colorful pens, and a Frida Kahlo book. Once students research their artist they will create a piece of artwork based on their chosen artist. It is a wonderful way for our seniors to end their last quarter at the Academy!

Friday, March 28, 2008

"Nine Photographs"

"Nine Photographs"
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Our Rotunda Gallery for Sudent Photography features a collection called "Nine Photographs" by Rory Hamovit '09. Rory's statement on his display follows: "These pictures are what you would see if you were walking down the street or across the beach and turned your head for just a second, witnessing a girl in a bright red dress or some awkward sunbathers. You probably don't recognize at first what you're staring at, completely unaware of the people you're looking at, the movements they're making or the way they seem to fit into the setting. We sometimes fail to realize the comedy and artistic appeal in moments like these. With a camera, I've tried to find these moments, the ones that pass by unrecognized, and capture them and then let others enjoy seeing them as much as I did when I saw a boy shocked by a hippo at the zoo or kids dancing wildly at a Bat Mitzvah party."
If you can't come by and view in person, you can see the images in our Flickr photo set.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The library has new DVDs

March New DVDs
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While we were on our March break, ten new DVDs arrived in our library. "In the Shadow of the Moon", "Robin of Sherwood", "Tin Man", "Clear and Present Danger", "The Hunt for Red October", "Patiot Games", "The Sum of All Fears", "Becoming Jane", "Into the Wild", and "Hairspray" are in our collection, ready for you to enjoy. See you in the library!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome back!

A Welcome Return to.....
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Only 8 days remain in the third quarter and then the breathless rush to the end begins. Although we had a dusting of snow last night and there's a mildly disturbing forecast for this weekend, spring has arrived in Byfield. I wasn't quick enough to get the flock of robins outside my window but I did get the diminishing snow pile. Soon the fields will be filled with baseball, softball, and lacrosse players. Frisbees and cookouts in front of Phillips will be de riguer!

Friday, March 07, 2008

12th Annual Legislative Breakfast

This morning we attended the 12th Annual Legislative Breakfast for the Northeast Massachusetts Region. It's an advocacy event with library directors, trustees, and legislators in attendance. Not only do we have a chance to speak on behalf of libraries to local state legislators, but we also get to hear about the impact of libraries on individuals. U.S. Representative Nikki Tsongas spoke about being "captured" by the library after she had checked out her very first book. We were reminded that in this space of the Pollard Memorial Library (Lowell, MA) Jack Kerouac used to spend time during his school days. Who knows what budding Kerouacs may be rambunctiously enjoying our spaces right now? I truly believe that we can't be a strong democracy without strong libraries.
In a few minutes, March break begins and we don't reconvene until the 26th. May we all have a chance to renew and relax!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Winter Scene

A Chair Where it Belongs
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With March break right around the corner, scenes such as this, with snow everywhere, will be gone by the time students and staff return to school . We are hoping to return to well rested students and beautiful Spring days. This week the Junior class finished their major project for the school year - the American History report. We congratulate these hard working students, and wish them a wonderful vacation.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gear up for Break with a Great Read

Recently the American Library Association announced the award winners for young adult literature. The Printz Award honors excellence in young adult literature and the Alex Awards are given to ten adult books with special appeal to teens. Enjoy our slideshow above featuring recent winners of the Printz and Alex awards as well as recent additions to the library’s collection. With March break around the corner it is the perfect time to escape into a good book! Happy Reading.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March 4 - National Grammar Day

Today is the day to grab your red pen and celebrate along with the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. Do you have a personal grammatical beef? (Could it be the preservation of the serial comma?) Do you find yourself as I do when faced with a grammatical perplexity diagramming the sentence in your head? This is a day to let loose and correct what you will. Uncertain in a specific case? Check out one of the books on display in the foyer of the library.
My absolutely favorite grammatical correction came in a Zippy cartoon. You may know that he celebrates diners. October 21, 2003 he visited Pats Diner in Salisbury Square. Yes, Pats without the apostrophe. He gently chided her on it in the strip. She now has the apostrophe added and the strip framed and prominently on display. It still makes her laugh. Good grammar can do that!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Comfort is just another library service!

We've always known it. Library chairs are made for napping whether circa 1968 or 2008. Imagine this student’s surprise if he came to The Academy today and saw the chairs the current students curl up in. When this picture surfaced in the archives, we all had a déjà vu moment. How many times have we stood over a student wondering if we should give a nudge when the class period changes? This wondering librarian is Mrs. Esther B. Thurlow, Bryn Mawr, 1928. We found her in the Milestones from 1958 – 68. The picture was taken in the Frost Library.