Thursday, March 29, 2007

Children's Collection

Did you know that Pescosolido Library has a Children's Collection? We have picture books, including a Caldecott collection, non-fiction books, Chapter books, Videos, puzzles and stuffed animals in this special collection. The faculty children enjoy this area of the library and students who baby sit also find it useful. Many of the items in the collection have been donated by faculty families whose own children have outgrown these items. Pictured below is a faculty member who is babysitting. The faculty member is on the right.

The Networked Vote

Presidential candidates have taken to social networking sites as a way to reach the youth vote. MySpace has launched the Impact Channel. As of this writing twelve candidates have profiles. After clicking on one of the smiling faces on the intro page, you come to a page of that candidate’s views on issues, a way to subscribe to his (or her) blog, a video or two, and ways to show your support.

Rock the Vote which has been around since 1990 is sponsored by MTV. Voter registration is a key component. It has information on how and where to register and absentee ballot deadlines for where you live. Rock the Vote’s blog covers voting and issues news and the site also has a presence on the networking Facebook.

With primary dates coming earlier in the process this coming year, becoming informed now, early and often, will be key to casting a vote.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogging Baghdad Without a Map

Students in Karen Gold’s and Elaine White’s sophomore English classes recently contributed to a class blog as they read Baghdad without a Map by Tony Horwitz. In addition to blogging on their daily readings, the students researched issues and places covered in the book and commented on what they learned. Horwitz is this year’s Common Book speaker. His book has been spawning interesting conversations on campus. We look forward to his coming visit.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We have added another set to our Flickr page; READ posters featuring members of the Academy. As I write, I am wrestling with technology to load as many photos as I can before the day is done. If I have taken your photo, don't worry, you will be part of the set by the end of the week and I will be scouting the campus looking for more READers very soon! Happy Reading!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Student Work on Display

Two pieces of Student Artwork are currently on display in the Library's Reference area. Both pieces are from the Academy's Fine Arts/Architecture course and have been created by seniors. In addition to these intricate models, student photography can be found on the second floor and on the library's Flickr page.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring has Sprung

Yes, we can finally feel the end of winter at The Academy. Not only are our library displays showing bunnies and brighly colored eggs, the students are arriving in shorts and tee shirts. Outside our windows there is still snow, but it is melting and the temperatures are much more temperate than they were even yesterday. I think Spring has Sprung, or at least I hope so. It has been a long, cold winter. Many students and staff are sporting tans from their Spring break and I sense a longing for warm weather. Spring sports have started and you just know that Spring weather can't be far behind. ENJOY!

A Historical Diversion

Launching the Archives’ blog has left us in a state of anticipation. Putting together the pieces of our past is not only valuable to our institutional memory but is downright fun! My husband has been researching his family’s origins and contributions to early America (Mayflower, Salem witches, Salem maritime history) and it has proven contagious. Recently, we were in the Conway Public Library researching my family. The librarian handed me our family Bible which my great-grandfather’s father had donated for the interest of family members to come. There was recorded 3 generations of my line in different hands. Who was this John Chase who obtained the Bible and recorded his marriage to Phebe Carr? And what kind of a woman was Phebe whose father Francis has proved a mystery to research but shows as an active participant in establishing Bow, NH and signing documents in support of the Colonies. Phebe bore 12 children, relocated with John from Concord to Conway through the mountains when she had seven of them, and spent time alone with those children while her husband did various stints with militias.

After work in the National Archives, NH State Archives, and the history sections of many libraries, I have discovered more about John and his older brothers (participants in the French and Indian War, Roger’s Rangers, supplying military leadership during the Revolution, and as first settlers of several NH towns.) Reading town histories and the NH State Papers, I know that John and his father Daniel signed the Association Test in the Spring of 1776 (“at the Risque of our Lives and Fortunes, with Arms, oppose the Hostile Proceedings of the British Fleets and Armies, against the United American Colonies.”) He also signed the Non-Intercourse Agreement (“suspending all commercial Intercourse with the Said Island of Great Britain until the Parliament shall cease to enact Laws imposing Taxes upon the Colonies without their consent or until the Pretended Right of taxing is dropped.”)

He was a Second Sergeant in the First NH militia in 1774. In June and July of 1777 he twice marched to enforce Ticonderoga, once in his brother’s regiment. From September to December of that year he marched to Saratoga to support the Continental Army under General Gates. After this he moved with his family to Conway. In 1781 he became a scout with Simpson’s Ranging Co. “for the security of said Conway and towns adjacent, against Indian invasion.”

I may never know more than this although we do have our own mystery. We found where he was buried and the stone on his grave can’t be more than several years old. On it is recorded his rank from 1774. We have to wait until spring to see if there is an original stone under the snow. The Conway Parks department has no knowledge of a new stone nor does the local historian.

Knowing that my family line is made of younger sons who followed the Merrimac River from Newbury to West Newbury and on into the wilderness has given me insight into our family’s character. I hope that what we can learn from the Academy’s Archives will give us an insight into this community.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Announcing the Academy's Archives Blog!

The Pesky Library announces the launch of a new blog "The Governor's Academy Archives." This blog will highlight intriguing finds from our school's history and ask you to dig into your memories and share your stories about what you remember regarding what we find. Simply click on the comment button at the end of a post and give us your thoughts. We are looking forward to connecting our Archives with your school experiences.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome Back!

We hope students and families enjoyed their Spring Break, it always takes a day or two to get into the groove. As we gear up for the Spring season (and wait for the snow to melt!), we will report on the many exciting displays, programs and resources we have planned for the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Breaking for Spring(?!?) at 1:00

As my good friend Pop Crowley was wont to say, it's a dirgey day. The beautiful fat flakes that fell during my drive here gave way to sleet and now to rain. Chunks of snow just fell from our roof for a solid five minutes, keeping all of us in the reference area mesmerized. Nonetheless, our spring break officially starts at 1:00! We return March 20. A happy vacation to us all!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Love Letter to a Favorite Book

What has constituted your most memorable reading experience - a book, a character, an author? Is it the first book you read all by yourself? The first time a story really spoke to your life's experience? The first author of whom you could not get enough? Here's an opportunity to honor that memory. Newburyport's Literary Festival is soliciting Love Letters to Favorite Books or Authors. Letters will adorn the walls of the Firehouse Center for the Arts in Market Square in the 2 weeks surrounding the event which will be held April 27 - 29.
There are a few guidelines. Letters should be on 8 1/2 by 11 paper held vertically. Include the title and author. As your letter will be hanging with many others, choose a way to make it stand out visually. Don't fold it. It can be dropped off at the Newburyport Public Library or mailed in a large envelope to Love Letters, Newburyport Literary Festival, Box 268, Newburyport, MA 01950. You could even turn your letter into us and I'd drop it off on my evening walk. The deadline is April 7. (More information at the Literary Festival.)
I am looking forward to writing mine. Jane Austen and I have been together for 4 decades and a year now since that fateful moment in 7th grade when Mr. Sprague handed me a copy of Pride and Prejudice. She's my letter. What will be the subject of yours?