Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful Tree

Thankful Tree
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As everyone is packing up for Thanksgiving break, we can feel a collective sigh of relief as everyone passes in their last assignments and begins thinking of the family and food to come. So as you are feeling this relief, it is the perfect time to think of what you are thankful for.
Here in the library we have a Thankful Tree filled with the thanks of the students here at Govs. People are thankful for everything ranging from ‘coffee’ and ‘guys who make them smile’ to ‘friends’, ‘family’ and ‘heat and electricity.’ A few students were even thankful for Governors Academy! So as everyone thinks how thankful they are for this break and passing in their assignments on time, we hope you take a moment to think of all the amazing people and things in your life that you are thankful for!
The staff of the library is very thankful for all of the wonderful students who visit us. 
The library closes today (November 18, 2011) at 3:45 and will reopen after break on November 29th with normal business hours.
Happy Thanksgiving! See you all soon.

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