Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why we blog

Last year, all three of us were new to our positions in the library. As we slogged our way through establishing policies and procedures, we realized we needed to add some librarian fun to our days. Our GDA Library blog was born. It was fun in a haphazard sort of way but most of it fell on Jen’s shoulders. This year, we are more organized and shall each take on a day or two so you will hear 3 distinct voices each week. Our plan is to show you what’s happening in our library, what resources we are using, and what’s interesting to us in the information rich world we inhabit. We shall be supporting the new vision and mission statements we developed in the spring – to make our students adept seekers and critical users of information as well as readers who love reading for both pleasure and the acquisition of knowledge.

I love being in a library. I love the start of each school year – the constant whir of the pencil sharpener beside the circ desk and the smell of those new pencils ready to take on paper. I love the displays we plan so carefully to entice our community to read and the way the books disappear from their stands into student hands. I love seeing how our older students have matured over the summer, hearing their stories, sharing in their anticipation of a new school year. And I love meeting our new students, helping them navigate those first confusing days.

Schools wield enormous influence over the adults we become. My 7th grade English teacher at the Jackman Junior High handed me a copy of Pride and Prejudice from the classroom library (located on a windowsill.) He introduced me to a world that still inspires me. I was lucky to have him again my junior year at Newburyport High School. When I asked about the controversy surrounding who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays, he challenged me to reach my own conclusion and present it to my class. I dove into literary criticism and never looked back. How fortunate I was to have him as a mentor. Each year I hope that I will in some way inspire a student the way he serendipitously inspired me.

So from all of us, we are glad you found our blog. Please comment and let us know how we are doing. If you are a parent here at the Academy or an alum, stop by and greet us. You are extended special borrowing privileges. We are looking forward to another scintillating year at the library! (Susan)

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