Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We flew back from our conference and landed smack in the middle of the Junior Thesis research crunch. All three of us are meeting one-on-one with the juniors guiding them on developing research strategies and resources specific to their chosen thesis topics. In our unscheduled moments we are bolstering our resources for the topics chosen this year - ordering second hand books through Amazon, full-text articles through document delivery at the Boston Public Library, and inter-library loan materials from either our regional library system or the CLASS shared system of school libraries in the Greater Boston Cooperative Library Association.
The intensity of the junior research process should mellow by Friday and develop a comfortable rhythm for the next few months. Jen and I shall be working through all we learned at the conference and applying it to our program. We did get our pictures posted (although the descriptions are sparse!) We both have notebooks with cryptic ideas to be deciphered and a few definite plans to be put in place. Coming back from a conference can be as wonderful as the anticipation of attending as we begin to put into practice what we learned!

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