Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Governor interviews the current Royal Thai Scholar

Each year, The Governor's Academy participates in the Royal Thai Scholar program. Our scholar enrolls as a senior and spends the year immersed in English language and culture before going on to college. Being chosen a scholar to study in the United States is very competitive. Only Thai students with an A average are eligible to take a nation-wide exam administered by the Civil Service Commission of the Royal Thai government. Once qualified, the students are matched to different scholarships based on the needs of the country and are directed into areas of study. For each year of school (through graduate levels) the scholar gives back two years of service to the sponsoring organization. Many become university professors, research scientists, or leaders in other special areas.
In addition to serving their country as both scholars and global ambassadors, these Royal Thai Scholars serve us well. We learn not only about the Thai culture but also of the determination to do well with the opportunity given to them. These students battle homesickness (many do not return home at all during the school year.) We are happy that each year's Scholar spends time studying and hanging out in the library.

BTW, if you missed our lack of posting yesterday, it was a Headmaster's Holiday and the Pesky Librarians celebrated it along with our students!

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