Friday, November 30, 2007

Patriot Momentum

We salute the New Englad Patriots with a special display. We hope to change it weekly by placing a rising number in the win column. This has been a truly exciting season for a fan. First, the question of Asante Samuel - would he sign or not? Second, the Cheating gate scandal. What were they thinking? Third, the incredible streak of wins with lopsided scores. Were the Pats bad guys to go for it on fourth down when they were already in a blow-out game? (Forgive me editorializing, but really. It is the NFL - step up your defense!) Fourth, the hype around the Colts game with the Pats cast as the Evil Empire. Fifth, the close game with the Eagles. The team is on a march towards eclipsing the 1972 Miami record. One of our books on display, The blueprint: how the New England Patriots beat the system to create the last great NFL superpower by Christopher Price is an interesting look at how a team is put together. Also available is Tom Brady's Moving the Chains and David Halberstam's Education of a Coach. Stop by and check out one of the books. Since we have to wait until Monday night for the game at Baltimore, there is a long Sunday afternoon minus a game to spend reading!

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