Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MassCAT Evolves

Today we attended a session at the Northeast Massachusetts Regional Library System in Danvers on the next evolution of MassCAT, a resource sharing network of libraries - school, special, academic, and small public libraries. The network lets libraries share their collections online and facilitates borrowing among the member libraries. We both send out books and DVDs to schools around the state and receive things students here want that don't sit on our shelves. MassCAT is moving beyond being simply a shared network to include circulation and other library management pieces. The council which governs MassCAT has chosen LibLime's Koha open-source software to use. The new package will incorporate many customizable features to use and will allow for our students to be more engaged with our collection - very Library 2.0! As librarians who very much believe in resource sharing and an easy flow of books to and from other libraries, we are excited to move forward in exploring this option for the Academy.

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