Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Poetic Inspiration

As students prepare to write poetry and short stories for the Spire this week, the library is hoping to inspire poets and those who may shy away from it, to fall in love with it! Our reading and writing poetry display offers words of encouragement to our poets: collect words, write about life, write a song, relax! As Billy Collins is quoted from the Poetry 180 site, “Let the words of the poem do the work.” Once you start exploring it and talking to others about it you may be surprised what you will learn. For example, after discussing poetry with a fellow library staff member, I found she has quite the talent for creating limericks. Below you will see she has dived into poetry, here is Mrs. T's library limerick:

I am a young woman who attends The Academy
My favorite subject by far is Anatomy
I have lots of papers
But I am more interested in fun capers
And this is why the librarian is mad at me.

Academy is not a very easy word to rhyme, as we soon found out. We would love to hear if you have any limericks to share, and here is the challenge, they must be about libraries!
Good Luck, dive into Poetry Month, relax and have fun!


Doug998 said...

Hello from England, UK - the spiritual home of the limerick. I hope you don't mind, however I have taken the liberty of trimming your meter to something like the proper limerick anapest.

I'm a woman who attends The Academy.
The subject I like is Anatomy.
I have lots of papers
But prefer fun in capers -
Hence the librarian is mad at me.

It's still slightly clumsy, but getting there I hope!

I recommend a visit to and to see how the experts get the right balance of dahs and dums.

Here's one of mine to finish:

The lim'rick is full of surprise,
It arrives with a wealth of disguise.
Different clothes, different slant,
Different face. Only can't
Hide its meter and overall size.

Best wishes, Doug.

Pesky Librarians said...

Thank you Doug for your wonderful limerick. We fall under the "recreational limerick" category and appreciate how you cleaned up our attempt. We have enjoyed browsing the site, it has provided us with further limerick inspiration.
Thanks again,
The Pesky Library