Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Time for some inspiration

As a first time attendee at Computers in Libraries this year, I was impressed and inspired by the broad range of topics covered at the conference. The days were long and chock-full of informative sessions on all aspects of library service and technology. The push in the library world has been on 2.0 applications such as, blogs, wikis, Flickr, and gaming. At the Pesky Library, we have adopted many of these applications, some we use quite well and others we have had to tweak over the years. The key for us has been to try something new and see where it leads. While 2.0 technologies were still at the forefront of the conversation at Computers in Libraries, making connections with the people we serve was highlighted time and again. The interactions that are happening around technology are at the heart of library service. We see this with our own students as they work in groups around the library. The idea that technology can expand service beyond the library walls to connect with users wherever they may be is something we will continue to build on.

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