Monday, September 29, 2008

Take My Advice

Just hours after poet laureate Billy Collins encouraged us to leave "footprints" in the margins, this senior was observed filling her book with notes. Mr. Collins suggested that we gain more from our reading when we interact with the words that we read. His comments agree with those that the Governor's Academy faculty heard during the opening of school. Ann Larsen, of the Landmark School, spoke to us about the value of handwritten notes over typed notes. She stated that more learning occurs when the act of handwriting is employed. While she did not specifically advocating writing in books, she explained the advantages of two column notes, using one side for notes and the other for questions, clarification, and reflection. It is well-known in academic circles that metacognition, or reflection on one's learning, enhances comprehension and retention. We hope to catch many more students leaving their footprints in the library (but not the library books, please!)

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