Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Edgar Display

Apologies to Mr. Poe. This posting should have been on January 19th. To help us build the display, several senior art students drew ravens which we posted around the library with quotes from his poem. When we started pulling everything together, we found wonderful Vincent Price movies, Poe biographies, poetry collections, short stories. ... Our newest Poe book is In the Shadow of the Master (SC POE) edited by Michael Connelly which contains 16 of Poe's stories and tales paired with essays by current authors who discuss his influence upon them. The book is presented by the Mystery Writers of America.
I was fortunate to have a remarkable adventure with Poe which gave another dimension to the late nights I spent in junior high reading him by flashlight under the covers. Back in 1998, a friend discovered a copy of Tamerlane (Poe's Black Tulip of 1827) in a box of farming pamphlets in a small New Hampshire antique shop. He took a chance that it was an original and not a facsimile and bought it for $15.00. On June 7 of that year it went for auction in New York at Sotheby's for $198,000. I flew to New York with him and attended the rare books auction, a heady experience for a librarian! (June 7th was and is my birthday and the trip was a glorious present from my husband.)

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Michelle said...

I hope your friend bought you one *doozy* of a birthday dinner :D