Thursday, May 07, 2009

Robespierre Reaching Readers

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In days gone by reaching readers required nothing more than having a book with words printed on the page sequentially. In our current digital age it can be a real challenge to get a student to pick up a BOOK. Publishers are tackling the task admirably as seen in these two volumes on Robespierre. The earlier edition, and I’m sure you can tell which one that is(!) was published in 1953; the other, 55 years later in 2008.

We’d like to think there will always be some redeeming features to books, which will allow them an existence of 50, a 100, or more, years into the future. It is not just their pictures, and eye catching scripts, but by virtue of their depth of content, ease of use and continued universal access, that we hope to see such longevity.

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