Thursday, September 24, 2009

Automation to the rescue

The juniors have started researching their history thesis papers. The library can help make this process easier. We offer many helpful books from how to formulate a topic to answering your thesis statement. Books are not the only resource the library has, however. There are links to electronic databases and various guides on the library Moodle site, Classrooms on Elmstreet.

One useful tool for collecting and formatting your citations is NoodleTools. You can access NoodleTools most easily through the U.S. History Thesis course; there is a link to it (and a video tutorial!) at the end of the page. Once you have created an account with NoodleTools, you can create a citations list for your paper and type in the information for every source (title, author, publication year, place of publication etc.). NoodleTools will format your list automatically according the bibliographic style that your professor specifies. You can then save that citations list in Word format and export it; incorporating the citations into your paper is as easy as cutting and pasting. And don’t be shy – you can always ask the librarians for help!

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