Monday, September 14, 2009

The Freshman Class is Looking Up

A group of freshmen toured the library during Unity Days this past weekend. We are delighted to have students back on campus and clearly thrilled with the great smiles and positive attitudes we've seen from this years' new students. This good-looking tour group paused inside the front doors for a brief look up.
Unity Days gives each class an opportunity to spend some time together before classes begin. This year's freshman class played games on campus, toured Newburyport and the campus, and went out for ice cream. Sophomores participated in team and trust activities and went roller skating. Juniors devoted their weekend to community service including hosting a field day for students from Kipp Academy. The Senior class camped at Brantwood and hiked Mount Monadnock.
Everyone seems happy to be back together again. We're looking forward to a great year.

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