Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scanning in the Library

The new library copier now also works as a scanner. Here's how to e-mail a scanned document to a Governor's Academy e-mail address:

- Enter your User Number with the keypad and press OK on the copier display screen. The user number is posted on the board behind the copier. DO NOT use the Admin Login; you will not be able to log on that way.
- Press Image Send twice.
- Select Address Book, and go to Global Address Search. Enter the beginning of the recipient's name. Select Search. Select the correct recipient from the list. Select To to add the name as the recipient of your e-mail. Repeat for any additional recipients.
- Select Condition Settings.
- Place your document on the upper left hand corner of the glass. Press the black and white copy button (the lower button in the left hand corner of the machine) to scan the first page. Repeat for all pages you want to send.
- Select Read End on the copier display screen to end the scanning and send the e-mail.
- Press Logout on the keypad to reset the copier for next user.

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