Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Learning to Learn - But How?

Here at the Pesky Library we attempt to support all learners and learning styles. The reading/writing-preference learners are easiest to accommodate simply because of how libraries as an institution developed. Modern libraries, however, contain much, much more than just printed word.

For auditory learners, we have language aids, for example, as both tapes and CD-ROMs. We carry both fiction and non-fiction audiobooks (shelved at AC, near the entertainment DVD collection). For visual learners, we not only have films and documentaries, but also visual dictionaries of English (REF 423) and teach yourself books loaded with diagrams. Check out the various crafts books, for instance. You can also browse our movie versions of classic works of literature - but be aware, they often take surprising liberties with the story compared with their written 'ancestors!' Tactile learners are, perhaps, the most challenging to serve, but we do try. All through the academic year, we set up displays that include reading materials for browsing, captions and explanations, and accessories.

If you have an idea of how we could help you learn better or better take your learning style into account, please let us know!

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