Friday, January 22, 2010

Checking out the videos

Checking out the videos
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VHS format was great in its time. Starting in 1976 we no longer needed to go to the theater to see a movie. We didn't need to wait for a television station to air old movies in order to see them. And if we wanted to watch the same movie over and over, we could do it as often as we liked. We could own the right to play a movie (for personal home use!) as often as we wanted for a nominal fee. Our recreational choices had expanded. The world would never be the same again.
The Actors Guild was outraged; they feared the loss of income from royalties and even feared that people would no longer go to see movies. Fortunately, everyone seemed to benefit from the advent of the VHS movie format. Movies are at least as popular as they've ever been. Move movies are being made all the time.
But, there was a problem with VHS format - after about 20 years, the tapes degrade and the movies can no longer be viewed.
We're in the process of converting our VHS tapes to DVD format. Not all of our movies are presently available to purchase on DVD, but we've been steadily replacing them.
In this picture, two students are considering the free VHS tapes that we recently replaced in our collection. We now own more than 95% of our entertainment videos in DVD format. It will be a bit longer before that percent of our educational videos become available in DVD format, but we're working constantly to ensure that we can provide the materials our student and teachers need for their educational and recreational fulfillment.

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