Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dummer Influence from 1700s

Paul Revere's midnight ride to Portsmouth is well known in in these parts of Massachusetts. Less known are the efforts of one Wentworth Cheswell, an alumnus of the school. He acted as town messenger for his home town, Newmarket, NH, and rode to Exeter with instructions to militia men much like Revere.
Wentworth's grandfather Richard had been a slave in Exeter who won his freedom and purchased 20 acres of land for himself. By all accounts Wentworth's mixed racial background was of little concern in his life in New Hampshire and at Dummer: he also served in the army, worked as schoolteacher, and held several public office positions.
Stories like Wentworth Cheswell's reinforce the value archives can provide to an institution. We are enriched by a better understanding of our history and the contributions our alumni make to the society. Read more of this fascinating story at the Governor's Academy Archives blog.

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I enjoyed your post. Thanks for bringing the past to life.