Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Books to Read

Fiction - May 2010
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The preceding fowl-themed posts remind me of a library joke I heard recently:

A chicken walks into a library, and goes up to the circulation desk to talk to a librarian. "Book?," says the chicken. The librarian finds a book for the chicken; the chicken goes away.
The next day, the chicken comes back and finds the librarian again. "Book-book?," says the chicken. The librarian gets two books and sends the chicken on its way.
The third day, the chicken walks in again, and says "Book-book-book?" The librarian gives the chicken three books; the chicken goes away again. This time the librarian is curious and follows the chicken out to a little pond with an island in the middle. On the island sits a frog. The chicken stops and floats the books over to the frog, one at a time, and the frog goes "Reddit. Reddit. Reddit."

Should you find yourself in the frog's situation, check out the new books shelves in the library. We just shelved a brand new batch!

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