Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gothic Nightmare

Often when we think of the word Goth or Gothic we think of teenagers in all black clothing, lots of eyeliner reading The Bell Jar and writing poetry such as, “my shoes are red/ my soul is black/ I hope you have/ A heart attack.” However, the term Gothic has a rich cultural history with almost nothing to do with the band Bright Eyes.

Ms. Struck is teaching an IDS (Interdisciplinary Studies) class in which she explores the many meanings and creative outlets of the Gothic ideal. Her class is covering a wide variety of Gothic topics; from Dracula to Big Fish. Through this diverse curriculum we can see that Gothic is a rather hard term to define. It can be a scary story, a long hallway, a romantic interlude with a boy in a leather jacket or a photo of a pale girl with bright red lip stick. It can also just be a feeling, fleeting and dark.

I’m sure that everyone has had one or two Gothic moments in their life. So re-watch The Crow and turn off the lights and indulge in your own Gothic Nightmare.

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