Wednesday, November 03, 2010

For the Love of Language

"For me, it is a cause of some upset that more Anglophones don't enjoy
Thus begins Stephen Fry's exhortation on the joys offered by English. Fry is an acclaimed writer and actor (best known for his role as Jeeves, the "gentleman's personal gentleman"). He provides us with delightful insights into prevalent attitudes about proper or correct language. If this sounds boring, believe me, it is not! Here is another quote:
"The worst of this sorry bunch of semi-educated losers are those who seem to
glory in being irritated by nouns becoming verbs. How dense and deaf to language
development do you have to be? If you don't like nouns becoming verbs, then for
heaven's sake avoid Shakespeare who made a doing-word out of a thing-word every
chance he got."

Have a look yourself:

(The rest of the audio file is available at Fry's website.)

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