Friday, December 10, 2010

Teen Suicide

Teen Suicide
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Our display on bullying and suicide prevention was inspired by the Governor’s Academy Peer Advisors. This group of upperclassmen works to support fellow students with information, advice, and support. Recently, a Brooks Academy student and friend to a number of students here took his own life. This tragedy inspired the Peer Advisors to hold a fundraiser for the American Suicide Prevention Association and the World Wildlife Foundation, a favorite cause of the young suicide victim.
In addition to the Peer Advisors, we have a counselor on the faculty who can help students with difficult issues. As a library, we provide books that may help friends of troubled students know where to turn. Students who are concerned about a friend can use these books, turn to their faculty advisor or any other trusted adult, talk to the peer advisors, or meet with our school counselor. We are committed to being a community of caring and support. Congratulations to the Peer Advisors for adopting the cause of suicide prevention and for collecting over $700 to support these causes.

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