Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mice in the Library

Mice in the Library
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Students who have trouble navigating laptop touchpads can now borrow computer mice to use with library or personal laptops. Since upgrading our wireless network this summer, we've found that even more students are bringing laptops, notebooks and even iPads to the library. Not everyone is adept at using keyboard mouse buttons and touchpads can be over-reactive, so students have begun asking for the mice. We thank them all for keeping food (and the live variety of mouse) out of the library!

I've recently been advised that "mouses" is the correct plural for mouse, as it is an acronym for manually-operated user-select equipment. The Oxford English Dictionary quotes someone who calls himself "Deadmeat" as using the term "mouses" in 1997, and lists many different forms of the plural of mouse throughout history (meese, myse, etc.).

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