Thursday, February 24, 2011

(Dis) Connect

Is your cell phone in your pocket right now?
How many times have you checked Facebook today?

 In only the last few years younger generations have become so connect that it is nearly impossible for them to disconnect. Often forgetting a cell phone or being without internet is almost unimaginable to middle school, high school and college kids. This constant need to feel connected is somewhat empty because it is cutting down on real social interaction in favor of technological interaction. News travels faster and is no longer quickly forgotten, there is a permanent record of status updates and texts on phone and online. How does this affect us? The trouble is it is such a new phenomenon that we do not know the full effects yet. However, we are starting to see kids needing more and more stimuli to stay engaged. Social interaction is changing and it is becoming in both easier and harder to escape your peers. Come check out the (Dis) Connect display here at the library and see the many ways that technology is affecting our lives both in positive and negative ways.  

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