Monday, February 21, 2011

Edward Gorey on Display

Edward Gorey Display
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The Boston Globe featured the art of Edward Gorey in their supplement last weekend in honor of a Gorey exhibition at the Boston Athenaeum. We were inspired, too, to make a display.

The Boston Globe staffer Sebastian Smee writes:
"Some people have literary sensibilities. Others are more inclined to be visual. Edward Gorey, the magnificient illustrator who died on Cape Cod in 2000, was lucky enough to have the two faculties perfectly combined, and better yet, supplemented by a level of schadenfreude so shot through with innocent mirth as to make it seem almost magnanimous."

Visit the library to read the whole text, and to browse our Gorey collection.

(The Athenaeum exhibition runs through June 4. Visit the Boston Athenaeum for more information.)

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