Monday, April 18, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you ever been frustrated about how slow it is to operate a web browser with a mouse? There are a number of keyboard commands you can adopt to speed things up.

For example, to select just one word, double click it. To copy a highlighted section, press CTRL and C; to paste, press CTRL and V. To select everything on a web page (or in a document), press CTRL + A. CTRL + O opens and CTRL + S saves a file.

Use the F5 key to reload and CTRL + F to find something on the current page. Navigate quickly to the top or bottom of your web page (or document) with HOME and END. If you’ve opened several applications (several windows), you can move between them with ALT + TAB; CTRL + TAB switches between browser tabs.

Some of these shortcuts work not just with browsers, but also in a Windows environment (Word, Excel, etc.) – try them out!

For a full list of Firefox, Windows, or Mac keyboard shortcuts, see their respective support pages.

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