Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Research Help: NoodleTools

All of our students know NoodleTools through the application that helps them format their bibliographies (NoodleBib). However, few know that NoodleTools has many more resources to offer.

The Choose the Best Search page is definitely worth a look. This valuable NoodleTools page introduces a number of search engines besides the most commonly known ones. The search engines are broken down into groups according to broad types of information needs. The broad search categories include defining the topic, finding quality results, researching a specific discipline, timeliness of information, facts and opinions/perspectives, specific media, special search requirements (e.g. file type), and kinds of searchers. Each of these groups contains several suggested search engines to try, and lists the types of searches that each engine is best suited for.

NoodleQuest assists beginning researchers who have trouble figuring out where to start. Selecting as many pertinent choices as desired and submitting the selection will create a personalized searching strategy. The Teacher Resources list sources for 21st century literacies, curriculum collaboration, and the ethics of information use.

We recommend that you at least look at the Best Search page. There will certainly be something useful - and new - for anybody.

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