Friday, February 24, 2012

Amistad and John Quincy Adams

Amistad Mini Display
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When is the last time you stopped to study one of our daily mini-displays?

Every weekday, we set out a display about a historical event of the day. A short write-up is accompanied by pertinent items from our collection. The display is located right by the entrance in the lobby.

Today you can learn about the connection John Quincy Adams has to the slave ship Amistad rebellion. Adams also has a connection to the Academy. He studied law under Academy graduate Theophilus Parsons who lived in Newburyport. Parsons, who served as a Chief Justice of Massachusetts and author of the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780, was on the school's Board of Trustees. Adams took the minutes of the Board and we have them conserved in our Archives. Stop by and ask Mrs. Slater to see his beautiful penmanship!

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