Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Dickens 200 Years

Dickens 200 Years 2
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February 7th marks the 200th anniversary of the birthday of Charles Dickens, the continuously beloved British author. Dickens' work transcends his time, language, and culture. He continues to be a tremendous influence throughout the world, and his writings continue to inspire on popular culture like film and TV, plus art, literature, artists, and the academia.

We built a wonderful display around this auspicious anniversary. Among books and posters, there are a handful of more exotic items. One of our staff members, Ms. Lojek, lent for our display four vintage Dickens prints passed on to her by her family. There is also a Dickens action figure equipped with a quill, ready to rhyme.

For an online Dickens experience, check out for instance the Charles Dickens Museum and Dickens 2012.

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Terry Helwig said...

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Happy to see a recommendation from you to read my coming-of-age memoir, Moonlight on Linoleum.

I'm also partial to the term "cat herder."

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