Monday, May 07, 2012

Search Google Like a Pro

Who doesn't google? It's much rarer to find a power-googler than a googler, though. If your current use of Google is limited to typing a few words in and changing them around until you find what you’re looking for, you might use a helpful hint or two.

Surround your phrase with double quotes. This is the simplest and fastest thing you can do to improve your results.
     Example: "colonial history"
Search a specific website or specific kinds of websites. This trick is extremely useful for locating government data, for instance.
      Example: "colonial history"
Search for specific file types, for example PowerPoints or .pdfs.
      Example: "colonial history" filetype:ppt
Searching for phone numbers goes by the same logic as site or file specific searching.
      Example: phonebook:000-123-4567

Read more in Dharmesh Shah's post at Hubspot.

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