Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Changes in the Library Since Summer

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A few days ago, we already mentioned some of the changes that took place in the library over the summer break. Here is more detailed information on those changes.

Quite a few parts of our book collection moved to make space for the new Center for Teaching and Learning. The history collection is now in the Bragdon reading room, the graphic novels have moved to the glass room, and the periodicals have moved into the Lyons nook (nook near the glass room). We know it’s a lot to remember, so we have a Quick Guide to Locations available at the front desk to help you.

Our Flickr and Facebook pages have lots of photos of the various stages of construction. They also include documentation of the steps needed to bring our gorgeous new mural to life.

A small but helpful change, we hope, is the addition of a couple of workstations for a quick email check or for printing something for class. They are located in the nook between the front door and the elevator (to the left as you walk in). You also now have the capability of printing (both color and black and white) to the library copier, so please send your jobs there and remember to pick them up!

Last but not least, the library has an amazing collection, but if there’s something specific you would like, please stop by the front desk to ask. We’re glad to help you.

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