Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Essex Result on Display

Essex Result on Display
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Theophilus Parsons may be one of our most noteworthy alumni. In 1778, during the American Revolution, Massachusetts submitted a draft of a state constitution to the various towns for approval. Criticism of this initial document was widespread. Theophilus Parsons wanted to do more than criticize; he wanted to suggest an alternative. Gathering representatives from towns throughout Essex County, Parsons led meetings to discuss the proposed constitution and possible alternatives. The group published their political thoughts in a document that came to be known as The Essex Result. The document and ideas contained within formed the basis of the new Massachusetts Constitution, adopted in 1780, and the US Constitution of 1787.

On display here is our archives' version of this document - an original! Visit the Governor's Academy Archives blog for more information, or come in to see Mrs. Slater's display on Theophilus Parsons.

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