Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Ledge

It’s always startling to realize the information you can find in a library. On a recent trip to the public library, I picked up a copy of Down East Magazine and came across an article about an ill-fated hunting trip right after Christmas back in 1956. It told the story of a fisherman, who along with his son and nephew, lost his life after being stranded on a ledge when his skiff drifted away while duck hunting. After spending much of the last three summers sailing the waters in Harpswell, along with many trips to Estes Lobster House, I had never heard the story about Buster Estes. This true story inspired Lawrence Sargent Hall, who was then a professor at Bowdoin College to write the short story, “The Ledge,” which won the O. Henry Memorial Award in 1960. If you’re interested in reading this or any other short stories, take a look at our short story collection near the circulation desk.

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