Thursday, September 25, 2014


Be grateful.  Be respectful.  

Be responsible.  

Be kind. 


Ed Gerety's inspiring talk yesterday seemed so timely as we are heading into the third week of school. Before you know it, we will be saying those cliche, but true things like "Wow, has this semester flown by!" which got me to really thinking about the perspective of time and how it can get so easily skewed as a young adult. As faculty and staff, we know that one of the best ways that we can prepare you for the real world is to help you better understand and implement time management. This seems like a ridiculous and oversimplified statement, but no matter which way you slice it, there are 24 hours in the day! And now that we realize we need to be allotting way more time for calling our moms and dear ones, we have a bit less of the precious commodity to focus on the day in and day outs of managing our studies. Which in a school like Governor's, is one of the key components of success. Today is September 25, which is exactly 35 days (840 hours) away from the end of the first quarter and 62 days (1,488 hours) away from the deadline for rough drafts of junior thesis!

I truly am not trying to load more stress onto the daily lives of our students, but I guess what I really am trying to get at is, "Juniors, get your respectable selves to the library and sign up for your thesis interviews!" (That is both an exclamatory and imperative sentence by the way.) We are now booking appointments for you that will help you refine your proposal and get an idea on what types of resources are available on the topic. We have set up a lib guide which will walk you through the early steps of the research process. By the end of the meeting you will have a better understanding of how and where to access the resources you will need and I guarantee, just by putting this appointment on the top of your agenda, you will be much better off in managing the rest of your time in this project. Not to mention the stress relief you will feel, just by having a clearer direction for your thesis and approach. Think of this as an essential appointment in the success of your junior year as well as a cathartic, yogic experience with one of our friendly librarians. :)

And speaking of tackling your studies with gusto and a new perspective of gratitude and time management, check out this amazing infographic from mashable. Do you remember how your math teacher in fifth grade taught you those critical math rules like "a number is divisible by 3 if the sum of its digits is divisible by 3"? Well, in the information below you will learn the Google rules you should have also learned in fifth grade! Take note and consider this a librarian act of kindness!

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