Monday, November 03, 2014

The Power of the Written Word

Some folks will try to convince you that printed media is dead. Here in the library, we beg to differ. Print is physical, and has a potency one has to acknowledge: pictures and words that live outside of a screen are different. They have a resonance that digital media can not. Images and ideas on the ether are totally cool in their own right, but if you suffer with a nostalgia for permanence and substance for things you can carry with you or leave behind, then you will always succumb to the power of print. I am not trying to start an intellectual debate over which medium is better, rather encourage you to always come back to the written word. (The words that exists on paper, that is!)
I love glossy magazines with pretty pictures of things I want and places I want to discover. I love how my poetry books are tattered on the pages I always turn to. It's hard to feel that way about the bookmarks page on my laptop...

I bring up the argument for printed media because this year we have added some new magazines and journals that are truly worth a flip through. They will neither disappoint nor give you a 404 error message that a "page is not found".

1. The Surfer's Journal

2.Yes! Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions     

 71 Cover LARGE.jpg

3. Vegetarian Times

1114_VT November cover_med

4. The Alpinist

5. Mental Floss

6. Mother Earth News

Right now we are creating a grateful chain in the library in honor of November being the month for gratitude. Come on in and leave a card inscribed with something you are grateful for. Then attach it with twine to the other cards left before you. You can remain anonymous, but you might recognize mine.

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