Monday, February 16, 2015

What's NEW in the library

ferris bueller

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
                                                                                   -Ferris Bueller

As in life, as it is in the library. Things can change mighty fast around here if you haven't been paying attention, or in the case of this winter, if you have been stuck in a snowbank on Elm Street for weeks on end! In case you haven't noticed our recent displays, gallery and various installations for your viewing pleasure and satiating random curiousities you may have, here is a sampling of what's new in the Pesky Library.

February display cases highlight "Novels of the Sea" and "Happy 80th Birthday Monopoly!"

In honor of our award winning artists on campus - Govs won an astounding 39 awards in the Boston Globe All Scholastic Art Competition, we have a small painting exhibit in our newspaper nook. Artists include - Elise Bergman, Jimin Park, Jessica Timmer, Emma Chen, Shawn Robertson and Chloe Lee. The total number of awards that the Academy won this year was more than any other Independent School in Massachusetts and the most we have ever won collectively! Kudos!!!

 We added an "AWESOME" box to the circulation desk this month, which is where you can return anything that you have read, watched or would like to recommend as awesome!

 If you're not chilly enough from the outdoor temps, come in and check out the Extreme Winter Sports display  - there is even Sumo ski jumping!

And last, but not remotely least is our Blind Date with a Book collection. We carefully selected and wrapped these books that are "single and ready to mingle". On each wrapped book is a secret clue to tip you off on the plot of the book. Why not? It's February and a great time to take a chance on a blind date! Chocolate is also available for the happy couple. ;)

 Hope everyone had a lovely February 14th !

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