Monday, April 27, 2015

National Poetry Month in the Pesky Library

In honor of national poetry month, we are showcasing some new arrivals on the poetry scene alongside some of our long time favorite poets and collections. Our poetry display is set up right in front of the circulation desk for ease of browsing and all of the books are available to be checked out. At this time of year, when everyone seems to be putting final touches on papers or studying endlessly for AP exams, the comfort of poetry can make all the difference. Sometimes just knowing that someone else has experienced a feeling or moment that we too have experienced can make the world seem a bit smaller and much more connected.

The National Poetry Month official website has a lot of great resources as well, including a poem a day, Dear Poet project, poem in your pocket day, and more!

A Night in Brooklyn, Poems by D. Nurkse

Dizzy in Your Eyes, Poems by Pat Mora

The Complete Poems, Edgar Allen Poe


Marbles in the Cookie Jar, Poems by Tony Marino

Bicycles, Poems by Nikki Giovanni


Also, don't forget to keep working on those Peeps dioramas!



Submissions are due on Monday, April 27


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