Monday, May 11, 2015

Prom in the Library

Although prom might not be an association you make with your school library, we at the Pesky Library like to shake things up and always keep it real for the Govs' student body. And let's be real, Prom is this Sunday!! So what could we possibly be offering here that could totally enhance the prom experience, you might be wondering?  A professional makeup demonstration and offering by yours truly here. Jill of many eclectic trades I am, from teacher librarian to makeup artist to the stars. (I tell you, if anyone ever tells you you can't be whatever you want to be in life, send them my way, please.) This Sunday, May 17, from 11-1:30, I will offer a free makeup demonstration to complete your prom look for the evening festivities. I will select 2 guests to serve as my models and even if you are not one of the lucky two, I promise you will leave with enough tips and tricks to get you looking fab for pictures and beyond. Truth be told is that you are all such beautiful darlings of the universe and do not need an iota of paint on your face. It just so happens that this is a skill set I have and would love to share with you, and if it in any way makes you feel more glamorous for the event, then fantastic! Please email if you plan on attending the session and we will begin promptly at 11:00. Hope to see your fresh faces!

In addition to offering glitz and glam in the library we also have a fun display of prom themed reads and films on the display tree in front of the circ desk.We have your prom topics covered - from romance to horror, the classics to the downright weird! (i.e. Girl Gives Birth to Own Prom Date)

Have a safe, fun prom and take care of each other!

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