Thursday, October 01, 2015

Awe Some!

This week in the library we have been polling students, faculty and staff about the "little things that make life awesome." You gave us some fantastic answers!

Here are some of my favorites:

  • CHOCOLATE (obviously!)

  • Throwing something from far away and it lands in the trash (So true - feels more like a slam dunk than a slam dunk!)

  • Jade & Aya  (no explanation needed)

  • Iced coffee on a Monday morning (start the week off with a bang, but PLEASE do not take into the library!)

  • Sleep-ins (even the thought of a sleep-in is dreamy)
  • The Library (Fist bump!)

  • Life on Mars (because hey, if things don't work out as planned in Byfield, we will have options)

  • Always having someone who cares (perhaps the biggest smallest thing)

Don't just be awesome yourself, but make someone else on campus feel awesome. It's Thursday, Hurricane Joaquin is going to hammer us with wind and rain for a few days and there is no kale salad in the dining hall, so take this as your call to awesomeness!

Better yet, awe someone with a new book. See what's red hot here!
New Books at Pesky

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