Thursday, October 22, 2015

On college and what matters most

Listening to Govs seniors these days , I am hearing much about the common application and college applications in general. In conversing with you all about your choices and why, I like to ask students about what really matters most for college. The general response entails quite a bit about desirable locations, great sports teams, the reputation of the programs, and of course, how your parents weigh in on the matter. Last week, I read an article in the New York Times by Frank Bruni that revolved around this very subject. While going to a reputable college is a wonderful accomplishment in and of itself, can one school give you things like fulfillment and happiness whereas another can not? 
Check out Bruni's article here and let us know what you (really) think about higher education and what matters most.
How to Measure a College's Value
Surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly) a name brand college doesn't amount to much of a differential in terms of overall satisfaction from any other college. The reality unfurled is this  - it is up to the individual to push him/herself. 
As Bruni writes, “What college gives you hinges almost entirely on what you give it.” So keep that in mind, young Jedis and know that there is always room to grow.
And if you're still contemplating the virtues of one school or another check out these library books to set your course straight:
The truth about getting in : a top college advisor tells you everything you need to know / bCohen, Katherine.

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