Friday, February 19, 2016

Ebooks at Govs

We Pesky Librarians realize that some of you wish that the library had extended hours on the weekends or in those wee hours of the night when you just need a book immediately. Our lives are unfortunately so caught up in a culture of instant gratification, but what can we do? (It also seems to be general consensus that librarians need the lion's share of sleep!) So, what can we offer in your desperate hours of literary need? E-books, obviously!

We are now offering electronic book access via The Commonwealth eBook Collection. The program is brought to you by the MA Library System in partnership with the MA Board of Library Commissioners and funded, in part, by the federal Institute of Museum & Library Sciences.
Look for bestsellers in fiction and nonfiction at Axis 360 from Baker & Taylor. Go to the Axis 360 homepage and select The Governor's Academy, Carl A. Pescosolido Library from the drop down menu. Next, click on login in the upper right hand corner of the Magic Wall. You will then be prompted for a Library Card ID. This can be whatever you want but it must start with the word pesky. You will then register your account and you are ready to borrow.

Let us know if you create an account and if you read anything awesome! Have a great long weekend!

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