Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Elvinson's Sculpture

Elvinson's Sculpture
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Fine Arts Department Chair Geoff Brace recently brought this ceramic sculpture to its new home in the library. I remember back several years when the then senior Elvinson Corporan was starting it during AP Ceramics. He came to me researching hieroglyphics. I asked ceramics teacher Irina Okula for more info on it.

She replied, "Elvinson came to GDA never having touched clay.He took every ceramics class offered . In his senior year, he took AP Ceramics and worked on this large sculpture for a good part of the year. He started it in January and worked on it until June. As the date of graduation quickly approached, he would have Security let him in at 5:00 a.m. to work on it before his classes started. He also spent many late nights trying to complete it. He finished it, but not to his satisfaction so he came back the following summer and last summer to finish it. He spent three weeks this summer sanding it and glazing it. What a dedicated student! I love when he said he did not care so much for the outcome of the piece but that it was the process that he really loved. He constructed the form with large flat coils. He did research on Egyptian hieroglyphics and carved a beautiful poem in hieroglyphics about his family into the clay."

The library is so very happy to have this part of Elvinson with us. BTW, Elvinson is presently a senior at Brown studying buisness.

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