Monday, January 07, 2008

New Projects ~ Creating a Mash-up in English

Starting with Audacity
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With exams now behind us and a new year ahead, this is a time when new projects are introduced before the completion of the semester. An exciting project we have seen comes from one of the Academy’s A.P. English Classes. Students will be preparing a “mash-up” of audio and visual images based on one of the poems from the British Romantic Poets. Students will be using Audacity (or a recording program of their choosing) to record their poems. We (an English teacher and librarians) learned how to use this program during a collaborative brainstorming session last week. Students arrived today as pictured, and were given further instructions on how to record their poems, how to add music and gather images for their mash-ups. Students have the opportunity to bring their poems to life using dynamic technologies and we look forward to working with them to see how their projects evolve.

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