Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adding Microphones to our Inventory!

New Microphones
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As I wrestled with the recalcitrant packaging of the new michrophones this morning, I was struck anew by the changing demands in the library. Not only do we supply the access to information in all manner of formats and the help in wading through it, we also supply the technical gadgetry for assessments. Students are doing more with recording themselves reading poems and personal essays. They are also doing interviews. Students in ESL do several interview projects throughout the year. Previously, we used the tape recorder. This year, it's a laptop with a microphone or a video camera. We now have barcoded in our collection headsets, microphones, wireless laptops, digital still cameras, a digital video camera, and a tripod. (The best part of having all this equipment in the library? The students show me how to use it!)

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