Monday, February 11, 2013

AP History Papers on Academy History Now Available

As the Academy changes with the times and in our drive to innovate, we also know which parts of our heritage, which traditions, and which pillars are worth preserving. The history research paper is one of those, and Governor's Academy is among a dwindling number of schools today that still require all of their students to write history research papers.

Mindful of the Academy's 250th anniversary, history teacher Bill Quigley last year asked students in his AP US history class - all of them members of the sestercentennial Class of 2013 - to research subjects related to our school's history, drawing as much as possible from archival records.

Exemplars of independent, authentic learning, their papers artfully present some of the most marvelous highlights of the Academy's storied history. You may read on the Govs 250 website. The students will also present their papers in a Historical Symposium on Founder's Day (March 1st).

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