Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Bookish: Discover Reading Online

How do you discover new books to read? Browsing shelves in a store or a library? Or browsing an online catalog for a store or a library?

Bookish is a brand new site - launched yesterday! - for engaging "more readers with more books, more authors and with one another."

Bookish offers book descriptions and author bios, related videos, other books by the author, reading lists, plus the latest stories from around the web about specific books and author. It is very easy to find recommendations: Type in a book you read recently. Bookish with show a selection of books.

By clicking a link, you can 'vote' on each suggestion and get more recommendations. Besides book descriptions, you can also read samples of the text or buy copies (either on paper or eBooks). A Mashable article reports that
"Bookish developed technology to analyze data about the book and reader reviews to surface particular themes and motifs — or what [Bookish CEO Ardy] Khazaei refers to as the book's "fingerprint" — in order to automatically generate the best recommendations."
At first glance, Bookish certainly looks like a fresh, inviting way to find new reading. Happy browsing - whether you prefer a physical shelf or a virtual one!

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